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Public School Students Served 6 Year Old Lunch Meat

EDIT: This video was taken off the internet… new video posted. Please download and share before the food companies have this removed again. Thanks. These fuckers should be in jail for serving kids 6 year old pork lunch meat. It’s … Continue reading

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Warning: Fake Eggs for sale in supermarkets since before 2009

Recently we came across an article entitled “Fake Eggs”.  I thought at first this was a hoax or practical joke.  Or trolling.  Upon further investigating I found that fake eggs have been around since before 2009.  According to some articles … Continue reading

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Americans Spending More On Snacks, Less On Actual Real Food

This could be the reason cancer and obesity are on the rise. Because people are no longer eating real foods, they are eating processed crap. Source article: Excerpt: “ Why Are We Buying So Many Snacks? When asked why … Continue reading

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