Americans Spending More On Snacks, Less On Actual Real Food

This could be the reason cancer and obesity are on the rise. Because people are no longer eating real foods, they are eating processed crap.

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Why Are We Buying So Many Snacks?

When asked why they’re snacking so much, most of the 490 Americans Nielsen polled said they “enjoyed” eating all the time. Because, of course. After enjoyment, the second most common reason Americans cite for eating a snack in the past 30 days is “to satisfy hunger in between meals,” Nielsen found.

Of course, the reasons we’re snacking all the time go much deeper than “hunger” and “fun”:

1. We work a lot: Full-time employees actually work 47 hours a week on average, according to a recent Gallup survey. And millions of workers are juggling multiple jobs.

And family life has gotten more hectic. Over the past few decades, the number of households with two working parents has grown, making June Cleaver-style meals more of a rarity. In addition, kids these days are more likely to grab a Go-Gurt, while racing between swim practices, violin lessons and debate team prep than to sit down for dinner.

2. Big Food brainwashed you (a little) with delicious jerkies and salted chips: Food giants want us to eat processed foods — the companies can charge more for potato chips than for potatoes. Big Food obsesses over creating super-addictive snack items in the battle for “stomach share,” so there are tons of snacks for you to choose from at the store. For example, more than a dozen varieties of Doritos are available.”

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